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Your presence in our world acts like a beacon for the higher energies flowing into our Planet. When you are in vibrations of Joy, Bliss, Love, Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Laughter and radiating this out to the world, you are HEALING Mother Earth, the Web of Life and all life upon them. Thank You ~Anastasia



Each and every day connecting your heart to the heart of Mother Earth and doing land and water blessings creates miracles in our environment and gives Mother Earth a huge hand in combatting the chemicals and vibrations from the HAARP system that our US Navy, US Air Force, the University of Alaska and DARPA (one of the US defense agencies) are funding in our world. You are the Change We Are Looking For when you are in your heart space - just BEing and working on your inner turmoils and eradicating your inner planet of anything it no longer need in turn heals Mother Earth and begins to help heal the rest of the world. You begin to be a conduit for this massive healing going on in our world. You are amazing in this place and if you can bless Mother Earth multiple times a day that puts us way ahead. YAY Humanity!

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Once Again We Are Under Construction Fixing the destruction of our business by the NSA, our government, Facebook and too many other secretive organizations to count. Not much longer before we will laugh about these times and these outrageous antics by some very small minds.



IN THE WHALE AND DOLPHIN INDUSTRY THERE ARE MANY FOLKS PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE WHO THEY ARE NOT. There is so much false light in this industry that has been pretending to be friends or ambassadors for the whales and dolphins; when indeed, they are behind the killings when you follow the trail to the end and to past lifetimes where these people also appeared to be something they were not all while killing these Wise BEINGS and pretending to be their saviors.

Paul Watson of Sea Sheperd and Rick O'Barry and many of the activists are in bed with the dark through and through. This arena has been a feeding frenzy for parasites like these throughout the ages. I believe there is illuminati, freemason, and satanic ties to these men and their organizations. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT EITHER THE REST OF THIS LIFETIME.

And the people in picture below. All people I promoted upon our page for almost 3 years before they served upon me the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL. Acting like a friend to my face while they watched their dark co hearts try to take me down, kill my one cat and almost kill me in 2013. I apologize to everyone for believing what these folks told me. I have had many conversation with Granny about the DVD and she wanted me to keep it on the market although I really wanted to remove it (because of these people who were included in this DVD, especially the very damaged Mary Getten). But I spent 2+ years making this DVD and it was a huge laborof love for the whale and dolphins. And my effort in assisiting in healing the human race; something all these peeps are not for: YOUR FREEDOM.

BE wise, be discerning False Light in all fields but also some very good folks sprinkled in amongst the bad.