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I will be traveling most of 2014 but plan to find longer stretches to stay in each place. You can reach me at General Deliver at the Post Office in Victor, CO. But I do not check it daily. ¨´*•*´¨`*•.¸☮♥☆I♡U☆♥ ☮*´¨`*•.¸.•*´¨ The best way to reach me is by email at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com

♡To contact Anastasia, email her at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com or whalecommunicators@yahoo.com.
We are continuing to experience email, web and Facebook problems and not all emails may reach us. ༺ ♡´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ°༻

Whales are keepers and the guardians of the Akashic Records. I have heard other whale lovers say that they are the keepers of all the records in our Universe, not just the Akashic records. They are BIG beautiful BEings, of this I am sure.

.I had a life changing meeting with a man who cleared my Akashic Records back in 2008. I found after this clearing it gave me an opportunity to walk in life freer than I had been able to up to that point. I suffered from depression, low self esteem, a great dislike of the humans and I had begun to keep more and more to myself. I tried traditional therapy and other healing methods to overcome some childhood things that I could not overcome with my mother. And low and behold, the day I had a clearing. Light bulbs were going off, I was shivering with the enrgies of it all. For the first time in over 4 decades I was free of the things that had really binded me to my family and not allowed me to grow as a woman.

My life has never been the same. It began a journey to the very core of myself. I thought I was getting into this to learn everything I could about whales and dolphins. I found the very CORE of my BEing through knowing and converseing with the whales and dolphins.

An Akashic Record Clearing or (SRT- Spiritual Response Therapy) session is A divine opportunity to level your playing field of all discordant energies from all lifetimes you have lived and to BE who you came here to be; bringing forth the wisdom of all the lifetimes you have lived. energetically freeing you from lifetimes of things that didn't allow you to be all you came here to be before now.

This is a divine opportunity to connect with you inner core and purge all that no longer works for you. It is a sacred journey and clearing for you and a honor for you to allow me to hold space and be a conduit for the energies during this energy healing. A life changing clearing awaits you here or email me at anastasia@heartcommunicators.org

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