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The Eye of a Whale




When you look into the eye of a whale, it gives you a perfect opportunity to look deep within yourself and to dive to those deepest recesses and and dig up those things that have kept you small. It provides you the opportunity to leave behind those very things that no longer serve you. Life will never be the same for you once you look into the eye of a whale. It will ask of you to remember who you are and how this relates to reverence and honor . . . of yourself and the Web of Life. This honoring begins with yourself. It begins with a healthy dose of self empowerment . . . tempered with love and perserverance. ~Anastasia Maria


For the next 5-55 minutes, do I ever have a great treat for you. I want you to go to this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6czoDEQ0a8 for some whale songs for your background music for this next meditation with the whales and dolphins.

Then if you would go to this link on Facebook for our Eye of the Whale photo album. Situate yourself in a comfortable spot and breath deeply. Have the whale music on in the back ground. Take at least 3 deep breaths: inhaling freshness, newness, wholeness, magnifiscent change and exhale everything that is keeping you held back and stuck. If you are feeling a bit emotional (I hope you are in a spot alone with no interuptions) Let those tears flow, they cleanse the heart and soul of all discordant energies. You deserve the long overdue shower. Then click through each picture in this album looking into the eye of a whale for 5-15 seconds or whatever timing feels right to you in your heart. Let it soak into deeply into your heart.

Ask the whales and dolphins to help you remember who you are and why you are here at this time on our Planet. Ask them to share the wisdom you need to know to help you come fully into your BEing and bring forth all your skills and assets from lifetimes gone by. Ask these beautiful benevolent BEings to help you download the knowledge and the wisdom that you need going forward. Ask them to come take up residence in your heart swimming in and out freely and help you move forward in this world and make a differnece.

Ask that all this work be invisible to dark forces and that your wishes and dreams ride the winds of time and bring back to you your greatest and best desires and dreams.

AND SO IT IS . . .