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My name is Anastasia and I have designed some healing techniques for humans to clear negative energy from their life, sharing with others what I learned about opening up to my 6th senses and then learning how to know & discern my Divine Truth in every situation I found myself in instead of asking well intended or mal intended friends or familyfor their truth. These tried and proven skills helped me align myself and has helped me help many talented healers and explorers of our world to come online fully with their essence and empowerment.

l begain by lining you up with your High Self Committee (the wisdom of all your lifetimes, it is this committee who oversees all Akashic Clearings) and our Creator (God, Wakatanka, the Great Almighty, Source or whatever name you use to call this Divine One to you. He/or she will go by whatever name you need to call and see them as. I encourage you to seek out this influence regularly). We then line up with my High Self Committee and do God'g healing work with many of his etherial armies. I teach you how to protect yourself from outside malovelent energies and how to help assist your Spirit to soar and to fully AWAKEN to your grandness now.

When I hit rock bottom in 2008 losing over 8 people I loved to see them all leaving my world as I knew it rocked my life around me.But when these deceased loved ones begin to visit me for telepathic conversation and encourage me on my journey and with my passion to want to share this information with others, I had a reason to go on living again. I was in shock for a solid 18 months. Life changed for me forever after this. During the initial year and ever since this time animals began appearing all over the place as if they had messages for me as they encouraged me back to my true wholeness.








Orcas conintued to swim by water front home on Vashon Island in Washington state. I had bald eages (my father's favorite) flying by all the time and eventually they nested in my yard very near my bedroom window and balcony.

I now share with others how I strengthened my Connection to the Web of Life with the many things I learned about the magic of life back in 20077. How I learned to become fluent in mental telepathy and how this opened me up to my own empowerment. How I healed a lifetime to mental and emotional abluse.

As I began to use my 6th senses as they all begin gently and slowly (sometimes it seemed too fast and I just needed to ask to slow the input down). But when I began to come online with all this wisdom the whales and dolphins and other animals on the Web of Life weree telling me, my life changed in ways unimaginable. The whales and dolphins, who are Master Healers of our planet, helped me heal the old wounds and helped me with skills sets that would help me empower myself and know my truth.

These skills when powered by a heart of love can change our world. Be your own Guru or pastor, minister, etc . . . Talk directly to God and any benevolent BEing in our Universe adn gegin to piece together how life truly was meant to be and where we are headed in the the future. As we watch our world collapse around us, just keep in mind that it all has to break apart to come back together in the best way possible.

Please ask the cetaceans to assist your on your empowering journey or truth or in healing parts of you that feel broken and are wounded. I will assist you in holding your hand and helping you hold onto your heart and remember how to love yourself and live life to the fullest. I will help you with skill sets to bring beautiful strong EMPOWERED you back to balance and center.

If you are already working in the healing arts, please check out my Akashic Record clearing, it helps you incredible healers of our planet come online fully and bring back all the ancient healing arts you have known throughout the ages.

This is not a wave of the magic wand transformation, there will be diligent daily work you need to do for your own heart and soul and journey. But I will help you fill those spaces wtih new ways to engage and help bring back an awakened human race, a place where all animals, insects, plants and minerals are treated with love, respect and reverence and where we all choose peace and love and new ways to lead our world out of the rut the current leaderships along with all the past leadership gave to us to control us and keep us complacent. Not living - just exisiting.

Time for a cool, Cool Change now . . .

Love, reverence & respect are three characteristics of the emotional side of whales and dollphins. When we mimic their behavior to the outside world, we do them such a service by spreading this message and assisting them in their incredible planetary work to help the human race open their hearts and in sort order, we will emanicapte the humanity and bring back heaven up on earth. I have dedicated my life to this happening for the past 7 years. I hope you are onboard and encouraging others with the same resounding messages to all of humanity.. Thank you and Blessings and Blissings on your journey. ~Anastasia

 ♡´´¯`*○ ☆ ○*´¯`•Aレレ U Need is レ o √ 乇•☮

Know this in your heart and then go share with your brothers and sisters of the rainbow all over planet. And be sure to be open and gracious for their sharing in return. This is how Unity Community takes root and this is how we change lives and right wrongs.

May ALL BEings BE released from suffering. ♡´´¯`*○ ☆ ○*´¯`•☮



SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER from now through Jan 1, 2015. We want to help you expand your 6th senses and for you to celebrate your life to the fullestwhile giving you an opportunity to share this with a friend or loved one of heart.

For every person who orders our elearning DVD, we will give you another DVD (at 50% plus postage delivered to your desinations) Yes, we will have you make arrangements with us for addresses and we will send you and your friend this life changing wisdom from the whales and dolphins and that will allow everyone who has the desire to learn to begin speaking the Universal Language of our Planet - mental telepathy. I believe when you learn with a friend or loved one, a child 8 or older (depends on each child), a senior family member. You can have more than 2 to gather to do this - you come up with better questions when gathered with others and it can enhance the conversation time. So reach out to me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com and I will email seperately from our PayPal invoice.

When I first learned this skill set it changed my life, when I practice with with a friend or loved one (this can been done from long distance while talking on the phone or talking on Skype. This helped me hone my skills and ask better questions and stretch myself and my comfort level. My partner helped me grow myself in areas I had not thought by working with her to learn mental telepathy.

I felt this helped me to bring my telepathy skills to a new level and it awakened all my 6th senses at an accelerated rate. Every thing began to extend out from this experience and the more we got in nature and the more conversations we had the more the magic of Life began to sparkle before our eyes.

This is a great opportunity to expand your horizons by some incredibly wise messages from other benevolent BEings upon the Web of Life and it give yourself a new found outlook and purpose in life that assists you in remembering who you are and why you came here at this time to our Planet. Please bring those gifts forward now, we need you in this space.


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Some of our heart expanding and self empowering sharing & services . . .


Journeying with the Whales and Dolphins ($111)

When making our elearnging DVD teaching others how to speak telepathically to whales, dolphins and all BEings upon the Web of Life, one of the things the dolphins and whales wanted us to know first and foremost to tell other people. You do not have to be in close proximity of them or in the water with them to have an incredible experience or a healing experience from them.

This is a new offering, I will take you on a journey with the whales and dolphins and any other animals (eagles, ravens, hawks, swans, hummingbirds, unicorns, etc . . . ) you want present. We will do a meditative journey and allow their energies in to work on your human grid and raise your energetic vibration up to your divine blueprint of what it was always meant to be. I will get a conversation especially for you from your favorite whale or dolphin.

Are you ready for a whaley mind blowing experience? Great because the animals of our planet have so much to share with us humans


Finding Your Divine Truth ($333)


Divine Truth - this is a 3 part course on how to find your Divine Truth and know when you have absolute TRUTH in your reach. A powerful self empowerment tool for anyone who wants to move mountains in their lives.

In this course I am giving you the most helpful tools I have learned and mastered to navigate the waters of this lifetime. I feel with this skill set anyone and everyone can find their own answers and begin to thrive in life with this knowledge like they never knew was possible in life.


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Akashic Record Clearing ($133 session) lasts 1-1.5 hours via phone or Skype


Are you not sure what you really need but know that you need to do something different than what you are doing. All my session, I connect with God (or our Creator - I can use another name if you are turned off by formal religion in our world) But I will align with the Divine Truth and I will help you discover who you truly are and what you need to do to begin or advance your journey so that you live in harmony with your heart, soul and your TRUTH.

I can include conversations with whales, dolphins, your pets (sometimes our best intuitives on what we need to be aware of in our lives).

I will assist you in finding the very CORE of your BEing and going within to find all our empowment and strength. If you are confused about what you are to do, this is a great place to start.

$133 an hour for intuitive session, I will break into 15 minute increments for billing purposes after the first hour or if you are a regular client.

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Soul Reinstatement

($111-333 depending on severity of the interfereces you are experiencing. You may need follow up which I will bill at $111 an session*)


In this day and age and with older souls who are really radiating light and walking their talk, there are many dark beings in our world who are messing with these radiant BEings as well as hijacking people's souls so that they cannot ascend and bring more light to our world. This is a pretty serious issue and can cause immense confustion, pain and literally taking someone off their life's path.

I work with God, Jesus, the whales and dolphins to energetically cleanse a persons aura of all discordant energies. If there are cords to be cut we will do this as well. And then I will have the whales and dolphins work on raising your energy field to that of your divine blueprint and have Jesus cleanse your aura field with beautiful colored rainbown healing and love energies. I will then ask God to reactivate your soul to it original and best energetic blueprint.

If your soul has been taken and you are innundated with dark energies, we (myself as the conduit for the energy and God as the only one with this ability to do this) will reinstate your soul to it's original divine blueprint so that you can continue with your awakening and doing the work that you came here to do.

Please email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators and let me know what is going on with you and please leave me a phone number where I can call you back (or I might email depending on each case) and quote you a price. Thank you in advance. ~Anastasia



Intuitive Session With Anastasia ($133 hr)


This is one of my favorite offerings. It helps me to get to know you on a soul level and it helps you immensely in knowing where you need to get to to ascend to the 5th dimension. We all must go through the 4th dimension to get to the 5th and this is where some of our hardships happen. So this is a perfect opportunity for you to find a intuitive road map for your journey.. We can add the wisdom of the whales, other animals (pets or in the wild that keep appearing to you. I intuit answers for your questions or suggestions from God and the etherial world.

Maybe you not sure what you really need but know that you need to do something different than what you are doing. In all my sessions, I connect with God (or our Creator - I can use another name if you are turned off by formal religion in our world) But I will align with the Divine Truth and I will help you discover who you truly are and what you need to do to begin or advance your journey so that you live in harmony with your heart, soul and your TRUTH. My ultimate goal is to help the human race ascend past the 3rd adn 4th dimensions and to begin to truly live a life of heaven upon earth.

I can include conversations with whales, dolphins, your pets (who are sometimes our best intuitives on what we need to be aware of in our lives) or animals that keep appearing to you in nature or in dreamtime. There are so many messengers upon our planet trying to help us all to excel and ascend.

I will assist you in finding the very CORE of your BEing and going within to find all our empowment and strength. If you are confused about what you are to do, this is a great place to start.

$133 an hour for intuitive session, I will break into 15 minute increments for billing purposes after the first hour or if you are a regular client.



Chord Cutting

Removing entities or energy vampires from your energetic field. This clearing is based upon the number of entities and difficulty of removing these entities. Price raises the more involved the clearing becomes. ($133 to - $333* for an 1 hr session) Unfortunately for me; bu,t fortunately for those I work with, I was innundated with dark energies and have became an expert on ridding them from myself and from our Planet & wihtin our Universe in 2013 and early 2014. I am willing to teach people everythign I know to rid yourself of this nonsese and I can assure you - It CAN be done. Once we ascend into the 5th dimension, these dark ones who reside over the dominion of the 4th dimension can no longer touch us. The are forever stuck in the lower dimensions and many are being eliminated from all dimensions by God because they have repeatedly refused to work together for our Planets and Universe. I will work with a client to show them how to do this going forward for yourself. We have to become proactive with our personal energy space to ascend into the 5th dimension. Everyone has to walk through here; there are NO free passes.

I will remove all entities and I will give you personalized steps to begin to do this for yourself daily if not several times a day. Again I repeat, everyone has to walk through here; there are NO free passes.

If this is a service you are interested in, email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com with you specifics and I will divine for you the proper methods for making you clear from these negative energies and lined up to your divine blueprint so that you can BE all you came here to be. I love to use the whales and dolphins to help with this attunement as I learned this information first hand from them.

I cannot emphasize this enough, if you have had difficulty with these nasties hanging around, it is because of your light and that you are more than likely an old soul. A high vibrating BEing in many many many lifetimes. So they will not leave abracadabra style. But you can eliminate the damage they can do, you can get them out of your energy field and you can live with this and even thrive with this in your life. And once you ascend, you won't have to worry about these ugly irritants any more. They cannot touch you in the 5th dimension and beyond.





Clearing Your Chakras with Rainbow Healing Colors and Energies $133

(Lasts 30-60 minutes; depending on each person chakras and their blocks). This is one of my favorite services. I absolutely love working with the rainbow healing energies of Jesus. I have never worked with such powerful fast acting healing energies. A beautiful session with many outwardly visibble results that will leave you balanced, feeling much more in control of your path and will leave all your energetic fields cleared and layered in the most beautiful rainbow healing energies. I will be glad to send you home with directions on how to do this for yourself daily as well. Please ask me for this service if you are interested in bringing yourself to your highest energetic state and living in this space.

Please email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators and let me know what is going on with you and please leave me a phone number where I can call you back (or I might email depending on each case) and quote you a price. Thank you in advance. ~Anastasia



Home, Land & Water Blessing ($333*)



I will come to your home and clear energies (dark or discordant) and I will bless your home and land. I guarantee I can get ancient or recent dark energies to go away and I can close any dark portals. The end effect will be land and plants that will grow like crazy from this point forward and a relaxed paradise that you can now truly call home.

If you have spirits messing with people in the home, this will help rid you of these and return your home to balance and a peaceful place to reside and live your lives to the fullest as was always intended by our creator. Depending on the type of spirits or hauntings you have in your home may change the price on the clearing. I try to keep this affordable but if you have major problems in the home and several hauntings, I will ask God what is the price I should charge per home/land.

I can adjust my clearing for most any situation and help you eleviate what you no longer want around your area and invite in all the things you do want. I guarantee 100% satifaction.

If you have an especially difficult situation on your hands with more than one dark entity, this may take longer than one clearing and price will need to be adjusted for extra work. I feel confident we can get most things these days in one sweep and I will leave you with ways you can reinforce and back up your home with a customized blessings each day.

*Traveling expenses not included





Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection (5 hour elearning DVD) $111


Learn mental telepathy in this Computer Based Training and you will begin to open all your 6th senses.

This Elearning DVD - Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection will be a collectors item one day. The content is solid although several of the guests on the DVD were not. This is an information packed elearning DVD (to be played on your computer) teaching you how to speak telepathically to all BEings upon the Web of Life. This particular DVD is centered around the Whale and Dolphins and will give the beginner or the advanced telepath the skill set to get started talking to other BEings immediately. This also has major information about 6 species of cetaceans: the humpback whale, the orcas, the gray whales, the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, the Atlantic Spotted dolphins and ambassador dolphins.

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Website Design, Development and Production. Custom designed pages at $100 a page.

Before I began talking to the whales and dolphins and sharing intuitive wisdom with others, I was in the Corporate World doing Web Based and Computer based trianing. I have alot of graphic, website and production experience in my backgroun.

I can create a custom site or a WordPress Site (from one of Wordpress' many templates to suit your needs. I am really good with custom graphics and would love to create an incredible web presentation for your business. We can also call in the spirit world or animals on the Web of Life to imube your sight with love wisdom, etc. . .

My fee is a $100 a page. If it is a simple page with little to no custom work on it and in excess of 3 pages, I am willing to look at what you need and possibly negotiate a lower price for you.

We can add a store, pay pal acct, merchant credit card and link your page to all your social networks.

For more information, email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com

These are samples of my websites - I used black just to make all the color on my websites POP. I do use white backgrounds or more conservative formats as well.


PLEASE NOTE: I do all my work with God, Jesus, the whales, dolphins and many other high vibrating energy BEings that are dedicated to God's plans for our Universe. So I come with a huge beautiful team. The only work I do with dark energies is to lift them from you and remove them from our Planet completely/ or put them before God to negotiate another outcome for themselves with him. I always ask God for the God Best outcome for every clearing and the healing work he allows me to do on his behalf. I am blessed to be a conduit for all these energies but they do not originate with me, they come from God and I like many of his legions of etherial helpers am here to help him return heaven upon earth. My goal is to help all humans acensd to the 5th dimension and beyond, to access the incredibly beautiful magic upon the web of life. The dark ones of our planet have interfered with too many people's journeys for ions of time now and there is no longer any negotiating with them in any way shape or form. This is God's decision and he has the overall vision to make this decision for our humanity's and the Web of Life's future.



*I will ask the Great Almighty beforehand and divine for each person what the cost of the session will be for each service. So you will know up front what you will be spending and there will be no surprises. Please ask me to specifically do this for you if you need this answer before we begin to work. If you are having money problems, I will take this into consideration when asking God (the Great Almighty). I no longer do free work because I have found that humans do not see the value in the healing unless there is an exchange of energy in some form. And because I cannot afford to continue free services. When there is an exchange of energy for services, it insures the success of your healing. Thank You


If you have questions about the servies or you want to purchase more than one service and need some input. Please send me specific information as to what you are looking for and I will gladly get back to you, please go to our mailing list and fill out the form for me or email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com Click here and fill out your message on this link and leave me your phone number and your email address to reach out to you. Thank you

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