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"When I am in the 3D world on Planet Earth, it can be quite a bit challenging with all the energies we have here. These chaotic energies make our children jittery and jumpy along with their mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts and parents. We are a matriarchal society, so what happens to one of our pod happens to us all. We all come together to make great change when something is out of balance within our community. In recent years, all the things in the broader community that have been ignored and overlooked on purpose do cause a lot of chaotic energies for us and we have to work harder to just BE in the present moment. Much like the majority of you humans right now. Tough times but cleansing times if you use this opportunity to the best of your ability". Conversation with Granny, a wise orca and Anastasia. Click here for more.



Love and Authenticiy is key in our world now. Use your hearts and shine your light powerfully on the dark folks.

You were born for this Pod Mates. You are surrounded in cetacean energies and Our Creator's loving energies.

You are wrapped in love & protected whaley well here!


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Granny is pictured here spyhopping


An exerpt from a conversation I had with one of my favorite orcas. Granny. She passed from this world a few years back but her wisddom lives on in the Cosmos and here on Earth

Granny: First and foremost, let me remind you and others that there is good and bad in every sector of our wold. Be it the cetaceans, governments, politics, weather reporters, cable guys, etc . . . Just because one person or many are bad in a sector, does not make the whole sector worthless. It just means that some house cleaning is in order. If people are not willing to do the self work to pull this whole revolution off, then the rest of the world needs to view this for what it is - UNWILLINGNESS to try something new for change. A human being grounded in their heart center does not have to lead all the time, they are willing to follow, willing to try new ways to do things and always willing to leave a beautiful impression of new ways to do things with their heart and their actions. There are a lot of minorities who are hurting beyond hurt these days. HELP THEM - they are your brothers and sisters.
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What if you found out that all you knew in life was not as it seemed? That the there was so much magic on this earth that you had not tapped into yet? That you are living a limited potential when you are indeed potentially limitless.
    Seek & discover & EMPOWER yourself or help empower a friend or loved one on that special occasion with conversations with the whales & dolphins. Some incredible insight & wisdom shared with the whales offering you a skill which will help you engage the Magic of life. The beautiful light filled magic that each human upon this planet was meant to have access to and the learning all the ways to engage this incredible magical energies in the years to come. This will help you deepen your connection to the Web of LIfe and from here, with this language of mental telepathy a part of your intuitive toolbox, you will begin to do more than talk to animals and all life upon the Web, but your intuitive skills will sharpen and you will begin to open all your 6th senses.

Learn how to communicate w/them & all Beings on the Web of Life. Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection is 5+ hours of rich elearning - with hundreds of pictures.

Messages from the Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Orcas, Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, and Ambassador Dolphins all have profound messages for the human race. Our elearning DVD includes 4 Guided Meditations & 2 Classes in Animal Communication aka mental telepathy, our Universal Langugage.

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Please bookmark our webpages as Facebook, other social networks. Our emails, web hosting, websites, and computer are all being negatively effected by the internet trolls who continue to stalk us and try to take us out. These dark forces will continue to hammer people who are trying to effect real change in our world. Stay strong podmates, your Spirit is so much more than what you are up against. I promise you this.








An Akashic Record clearing will change your life in the most profound ways. Clear out all the old energies that no longer serve you. You naturally bump up your positive energies by making space by removing the older darker energies and from here life begins to change by the beauty and magic of life taking over and starting to steer your ship in new directions. You are so very beautiful in this place pod mates. So VERY BEAUTIFUL.

Don't you thnk its time you did yourself this favor and gave yourself a huge gift? Its known as freedom. Set you heart and soul free once and for all. Stand in your POWER and use that beautiful heart in your chest.



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be more effective with daily water and land blessings as we support the Web of Life in an incredibly healing way.


Be sure to check out our conversations with some wonderful, loving and benevolent BEings in our Universe. Put down your judgement and open you heart and mind. We are going to blow your world open wider than you ever imagined and help you strengthen your connection to the web of life.

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