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We are in each others lives for a reason and more than one season. Thank you for showing up and doing your part in our world now in these ever important times. Namaste, Anastasia



Hello, thank you for coming to our webpage and reading more about the whales, the dolphins, your 6th senses, akashic records, healing, the incredible animals of our planet, about me and especially about the benevolent spirit world of which we are all are deeply inter-connected.

The things we share here are things that are all our inherent birthright to know and engage in since birth. But we are discouraged to use these abilities of intuition and our other 6th senese. Mental telepathy i.e. our universal language on the Web of Life is also known as animal communication, the ways our animals have communicated wtih each other for ions of time and how they communicate with Mother Earth and the Web of Life.

As humans begin opening their 3rd eye and coming into all their 6th senses so much of life as we know it changes. Our awareness becomes so acute and the magic upon the Web of Life begins brimming with things you never noticed before. All this and more is available to each and every human BEing upon our Planet who consciously chooses this for themselves. You are a divine human being and when you begin to open to this passage way into mental telepathy, I found all my 6th senses began coming online at a rapid rate. My intuitive abilities also rapidly came on board and advanced as well since this time.

Not only has it created a whole new life and situations in my life, but I have seen this happen repeatedly with clients and the amazing way their journey begins to open up completely and in subtly yet jolting wyas . . . An akashic record clearing is a wonderful catalyst for change on our awakening journey. Please consider doing this for yourself. The best gift you will have even given to YOU.

This is a power ful healing that heals past, present, future, simaltaneous, & parallel lifetimes one might be living at this time. We remove all the discordant debris hanging out around you and it gives you a freedom (a lift) that you didn't realize had been quite a load to carry. It frees you to be all you came here to be and gives you a pathway to begin to journey and extend you knowledge and enhance your connection to the Web of Life.

The only thing that can hold you back from being able to communicate telepathically is the doubt that you are able to do this. This does not make an abomination of God or Creator to be exploring this; as a matter of fact, it enhaces all life upon the Web. We only communicate with benevolent BEings. I do not allow anything else to engage me.

Doubt is like hanging up the phone on your connection. Just the littliest bit of doubt can deaden that connection. When you begin to open your 6th senses, you being to experience the magic on the Web of Life like you never knew was possible. All your 7th senses begin to come onboard - not only mental telepathy.

I began this healing journey with the whales and dolpins back in 2007. My life fell apart as I lost 8 people I loved to death in 2007/2008 midway through my life. I was in shock for 18 months; if it wasn't for my beloved pets, I just might have checked out. I didn't want to be a human on Planet Earth anymore. It was much too hard to be human here at this time and being an empath and sensitive, I felt everyone's pain and it made it all the more difficult to be here. I had so much loss in 14 months it made my head spin. In hindsight, this past 6 years have been years of immense growth and cleaning out my inner planet to make room for something so much bigger than I had yet to ever experience in this world. However, that insight was lost to me 6 years ago. I was in alot of pain from the recent events of my life as well as extremely difficult relationship with a few family members.

I would lean much more about the Web of Life and some of it's darkness in late 2012, 2013, 2014 and coming into 2015. They have been getting weaker and weaker and weaker with each passing full moon. The good energy is taking over the Universe. The whales and dolphins have spoken about this energy coming to our planet whether we were ready or onboard or not. One must awaken to how powerfully strong they are in their higher vibrations and then works towards adding this to our Planet at this time.

A lot of things are changing and shifting in the best ways possible.

Although, I would not change being introduced to the magic of life and the Web of Life on this scale and traveling the western half of the US in the last 2 years, there have been several hardships that have come along on this journey. Other people in the industry really playing low down and dirty. I have learned alot and healed alot within myself from my own past. But like an onion I still have more layers to work upon. I am a constant work in progress.

I was so impressed with how I felt energetically after I had my Akashic Record clearing with Robert in 2008. I had never felt this freedom within my heart and soul. It was immediate. It released me from a life-long contract or a contract of many lifetimes. I was free, I knew it immediately that somethinghad finally shifted energetically. As I left his office (i refused to do this over the phone - I was a HUGE doubting thomas), I looked towards Mt Ranier and it was dark and cloud covered with one ray of light shooting out from the midde to the ground. Robert and I had just talked about this ray of light in pictures -referring to it as the hand of God. There was one rainbow coming out of this light opening. For the first time in over 4 decades I truly had hope. My third eye opened wide that evening. I eventually took all the classes to learn how to clearn Akashic Records so that once I had healed myself by keeping my own energy field cleared on a regular basis, I could assist assistingothers healing themselves in years to come who had suffered in life and had difficulty finding their way in this crazy mixed up world.

So as I began to clear Akashic Records myself and share with others about mental telepathy and how to empower theirselves through new ways of thinking and BEing. The whales and dolphins became my constant companions when working on myself, on Mother Earth, the Web of Life and/or clients. The cetaceans have been some of my wisest teachers to date. One Orca named Granny and my two cats (Thor and Lola) were my saving grace. They helped me stay in my heart and to trust as we stretched all boundaries and touched different worlds.

Some of the workshops I offer have come to include a course in knowing your Divine Truth through divining with a penedlum. Many victims of abuse have a difficult time with knowing their Divine Truth; especially after a childhood of broken boundaries.. Many humans in this abusive world still struggle with these self esteem and self empowerment issues as well. In this course, we will meet one on one (or in a small online class for 3 times) and I will send you an ebook on the subject matter and how we are going to approach this. Then we will work until you are comfortable finding all your own answers and knowing from deep within your own BEing - that you now have a new way to talk to our Creator, I call him God but he/she goes by many names for many people.

I believe clearing your energetic field with an akashic clearing and learning to Divine Truth and have an accuracy of 97%-100% are truly 2 of the strongest skills to set you on your path to freedom from this false world that is falling apart all around us each and every day.

Once I began talking to the whales, dolpihns, animals and to all BEings upon the Web of Life. My third eye begin to open, then my 6th senses began to come on board fully. Shortly thereafter, I begin talking to my deceased father, native ancestors, off planet BEings and a whole new world I had not dared explore in my rigid Catholic upbrining. Life began to beautifully flood my existant with wonder and joy and make me realize I knew so little about the truth about our world. I had began to realize what had been force fed to us by our government, military, churches, institutions, educational systems, and all other businesses to form our way of thinking was actually a crazy attempt at mind control. What I learned is I truly knew so little of the world as God had intended each and every one of us to know this world. I had been fed a whole lot of lies and I was a rebel because I would not just take what was being spoon fed to me as truth. Truthtellers know TRUTH when they hear it.

This is our God given gift and right: to BE in our 6th senses. To know TRUTH, to know how powerful and Loved we are on the Web of Life. To move out of the 3rd dimension and thru the 4th and move into the new existance in the 5th dimenstion and beyond.

It has been quite a journey and not all of it good. I had some incredibly nasty attacks with black magic and black sorcery to get me off my path and surrounded by chaos so I couldn't think. I have mastered these obstacles, the magic of life is brimming in nature and my healing skills have increases exponentially. The sun always shines over me, it's hard for clouds to gather above me any more. This happens to all of us when we purify our selves and clear out what is not wo rking for us. And by living a life balanced and connected on this beatufil planet we call Mother Earth. Let Go and let your love brim over in abundance adding this beautiful energy to the tapestry of life that the whales are continuing to reweave and make new for us.

Don't you think it's time?


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That which does not kill us makes us stronger. ~Freedrich Nietzsche

The whales and dolphins have asked me to give you this gift of mental telepathy as a gift so that you can connect to all things good and pure and continue to raise your vibration to new heights.

(Under Contruction - will be here for your free viewing come Christmas 2017 - giving a whole new meaning to this holiday - a gift that will continue to give to you for life.)


Please email me with questions or comments to anastasia@whalecommunicators.com

This healing modality changed my life in so many ways and I am continually amazed and impressed this past 4 years to hear continually from clients who have contacted me to tell me the the incredible results and changes they have experienced as well. i. e. . . Their 6th senses are coming online. Their third eyes have opened fully. Magic is happening more often. The notes go on and on and each and every one makes me smile inwardly at the beautiful ways the cetacean energies & the benevolent spirit world work their ways into people's hearts and lives opening us up to so much more than we ever imagined possible in one lifetime.

I tell people whose Akashic Records I work with to mark their calendar for 1 year out so that on that date they can look back and see how much has changed in their lives for the best. It will blow you away in the greatest way possible. Don't you think it is about time and that you deserve to BE all ou were born to be. You were, I promise you this.

Email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com and let me know your time zone and a few times that work for you if you would like to give yourself the biggest gift ever.

Thank you for coming to our pages. ~☮♡☮~ Partners in Healing Planet Earth ~☮♡☮~

Open Minds Open Hearts and Open Hearts Open Minds ☮♥☆♡☆¸.☮*´¨`*•.¸.•*´¨♥





  After the clearing I almost instantly felt weight being lifted off my body. I've been more aware of things in general. I seem to be more in sync with the people around me and negative situations don't have as much of an effect on me! :) Also my meditations are a bit more powerful. ~T
We can clear land for dark energies, bad soil. Ask for fertile ground for growing and supplying your household. Sprinkle love and fertilizer all in the blessing and then watch your garden or acerage grow.  

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Pictured here to the right is Anastasia's good friend and constant partner in land and water blessings and planetary healing, Granny a beautiful orca with chevron coing out top of her.

Clearing homes of Spirits and for environmental issues like mold, mildew, etc. . .



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I am so deeply grateful for the gift of Anastasia. After she did my clearing for me my whole life changed for the better. I became so clear of what I was called to do. I did it and then came the most beautiful closure to the relationship I was in .... and then.... my soul mate found me! Our mission together is clear and we are on it. I am no longer bound by the karma, the mind battles of long held hurt, or any lack of self worth. Now is the TIME! ~ Thank you Anastasia. ~Cleo



I consider myself to have done a remarkable lot of personal healing in my life. I guide, help, teach and empower others on their spiritual and healing journey.  That being said, even once you feel you are healed, there can still be, in the vast dimensions of your being and soul, some places that still feel blocked, stuck or negative.  Knowing that whales are the record keepers, I felt drawn to Anastasia and the opportunity to do the ultimate spring cleaning of my akashic records.  I recently just cleaned up about a year's worth of papers from my files and things from my cupboards that needed to be cleaned out as well.  It is amazing how something like that, that isn't visible, makes such an energetic difference.  My husband exclaimed, that even though the house looks the same, it feels lighter and brighter.  THAT is how it is with Anastasia and the Spiritual Response Therapy.  Anastasia is empathetic and an expert in facilitating this process.  I feel a profound happiness that I have had the opportunity to have this clearing done.  It is tangible from the moment Anastasia starts working.  I felt release, relief, joy, affirmation and lots of good energy strengthened.  Thank you Anastasia! and thank you dear Whales, for your tremendous healing presence and support. ~Chandra



Namaste Anastasia! I hope this finds you doing really awesome in your new home. So much wonderful shifting has happened for me since our Session!! You are a powerful healer of the Akashic records my dear friend! :-) My income has doubled, my communications with the Cetaceans feels so different, more physical and exciting people are popping into my life! I'll need another session soon!
Just wanted to make sure you received my email for my communication with the Pilot Whale pod in Norway. Was so beautiful to be with them in sacred space.
Love you Anastasia and thank you again for being such an amazing Human Being in my life!




In the post above Shannon writes, I'll need another session soon, I wrote her back and told her that once your akashic records are cleared, you should not need another clearing unless you have had a major life crisis or you just want to make sure you are clear of the negative energies that might have attached themselves after the clearing. For a energy check after a clearing - it should never take anyone more than 5-15 minutes to clear. Please be leery when people tell you need multiple akashic record clearings to get you where you need to be. We are moving into times where we have the powers within to bring to the surface and share with the world. No one should be dependent on a teacher, guru or guide at this time. This is a time of unique self empowerment. You have all the tools within yourselves and should never need extensive work on your akashic records. Filter all information through your hearts Pod Mates for your truths - You are the only one with that answer :o) ~Anastasia




Anastasia's clearing was an amazing and deep experience, and it has taken me great reflection to grasp the depth of the work she did in clearing my records. There have been deeply ingrained insecurities that have vanished from my being, as have the different ways they manifested themselves. The night of my clearing I had a wonderful dream about my animal guide (bear), who had also visited Anastasia in ordinary reality the day of my clearing (the Universe works in beautifully strange ways). I am only 21 years old and a 30 hour per week volunteer and a full-time student. Needless to say, I haven't got an impressive income. Yet, I have NEVER felt so good about something I've spent my money on, though it was an incredibly reasonable amount in the first place. My soul clearing was a major part of my journey in this life, and it will benefit me for many lifetimes. If there is any one thing that you can do to benefit you for years (and incarnations) to come, it is this! May the Great Spirit bless Anastasia and her beautiful work. ~Brian



It is time to update you on how things are going.You know, I have lived my whole life with terrible anxiety and totally stress out. Since the Akashic Record Clearing this is totally gone !! Unbelievable but true. Not a trace. I am filled with love and calm. I feel like I am back on track and cannow start planning and creating my life instead of just hanging in there for dear life. I can now focus on a few things and work on these. I have gotten great insights in things that were going on in my life. I realized that I had always had an issue with not being seen, heard, understood and acknowledged. I am working on that now. I have been sending love around the globe. This morning it was like a layer of blue fuzz totally encompassing the world and then infusing the water with white light to energize with love and respect and harmony. I have also noticed that now I can breathe with my whole body instead with just my upper body. It feels so good! Because of the breathing it is very easy to connect with the whales and go deep into presence. I liked your 12-12-12 video and meditation. That's when I noticed this. Hope you are well. Much love and thanks. ~Paulinka


For more information about all life upon the Web and our interconnection upon it email anastasia at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com



Message from Anastasia December 12, 2017 - "Thank you for reading about this powerful akashic healing that changed my life and motivated me to learn how to heal in this lifetime as my mentor told me he had never seen anyone who had the lifetimes of healing that I must share with our world. I knew inwardly what he was telling me was PURE truth but didn't know how I knew this and thus began a beatufiul journey of rediscovering myself without all the illusions that life draws to us. I was able to clear the illusions out in a healing with Robert Deitzler and then set out to learn how to share this with others and got certified in clearing Akashic Recores.

This healing changed my life overall for the better and totally rearranged my belief system about life here on Planet Earth. I would not change what has happened in the last decade for anything. Even losing my 2 beloved pets brought me alot of healing & knowledge getting through that pain. Let's get the conversations going. Let's change you life for the BESTEST every journey. Let's give humanity an opportunity to thrive like has never been experienced on this planet before.

I'm back in full swing and want to share the secrets with all I know. Please consider giving yourself the best gift ever - an Akashic healing - we can do this by phone as our Father can show up anywhere.

Blessings and Blissings for a maverlous day, week, month and New Year 2018!!! ~Anastasia@whalecommunicators.com