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Our 1st effort published in 2011 is a tremendous deal at $111.00. Over 5 hours of rich elearning.

The content is solid even though our Subject Matter Expert, Mary J. Getten & many of her friends and associates were not.


Whale Communicators: The Dolphin Human Whale Connection

An Elearning DVD that is the equivalent of a college course on communicating with BEings on the Web of Life.



Our 1st elearning DVD - Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection is over 5 hours of rich interactive learning with hundreds of gorgeous pictures of our cetacean family. The DVD will be played on your computer; it will not run in a TV set. This is why this is called Computer Based Training. Training was my background before I began this healing journey over 4 years ago.

When someone reads a article or book - they retain 3-5% of what they just read and that falls off (retention of materials) in days and weeks after receiving this information. With the elearning CBT approach we are taking with this DVD - we bring in pictures and video, text, audio, sound effects and music. When learning in this way with these layers - you absorb between 68-75% percent of what you learned and the retention rate is through the roof after taking in this new knowledge. In essence, you are laying down the learning to people in layers that will remain in the subconscious, super conscious and the consciousness for better recall.

So part of what we Mary Getten, our subject matter expert and author and animal Communicator did on this DVD) in the first elearning DVD - is giving everyone the tools to do Animal Communication (i.e. mental telepathy and our Universal Language) themselves. To empower themselves with this pure connection to the Web of Life and everyone one and everything around us on this planet.



As I make my way thru the learning DVD I must say... It's amazing! To anyone that wishes to hone intuition and telepathy I highly recommend this path! ~Patricia Leet

Beautiful wisdom shared by one increidble orca who goes by the human name, Granny. She is the matriarch of JPod of the Resident Orcas in Washington state of the United States of America. She is a beautiful being with so much knowledge to share with others. Anyone can talk to Granny . . . anyone!!!






Thanks for the dvd, it has enhanced my life so much. back to how it should be :) ty again ~Christian



Dear Anastasia,

I wanted to write you sooner ... and here I am finally!

Your DVd learning is simply fantastic and very inspiring. As for the poetry of "Spirit tales" and it fills me and upsets me just as much.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance Anastasia through these two Dvds and exchanges by emails.

Some time ago I want to meet you and discuss your experience as a Whale Communicator.

To explain my interest in your work, I can probably share with you some of my experience with these giants of the seas.

Since I am old enough to travel, I go to meet the whales of the world: the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina, Hermanus South Africa, Tadoussac, Quebec, French Polynesia and Tahiti Rangiroa, Big Island in Hawaii and California and blue whales and gray! ... and of course the Mediterranean area where I come from, between Italy, Sardinia and Africa ...

A few years ago, while I was on a sailboat identifying cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary in the Mediterranean Sea, a whale and her calf (rorqual) keep us company for 5 hours. Usually rorqual whales in mediterranean move away from sailing when there is a juvenile. That day, the mother "dived" the depths and let her calf to us in babysitting under the boat. Its size should be 18 meters by 17 our
boat ;)

After 3 hours of company at 6 knots speed, I feel called by the calf, he talks to me, I hear him say that "it is now." I'm still wearing a rope for security and my camera... and slides under the boat in the deep blue. A white huge Presence next to me, I find myself "bombarded" with love and vibrations. The camera broke and it was so much better. Here I am connecting heart to heart in the blue with the Calf and her
mum. My heart wants to go out of my chest, ecstasy and adrenaline combined, I feel the unconditional love that one moment makes everything perfect and in the right place. I bathe in the great blue. All, everything is perfect. The mother goes below me gently propelling me with her caudal fin on the back (Hopefully I was connected to the boat by the rope ..!)

The following days at sea I remained silent. This experience transformed my life. How to make what I had just received? How to be worthy of such Love? How to share? I decided to leave my job as a therapist in hypnosis and Yoga Nidra
teacher in Paris and take the job of a photojournalist to spend more time with the dolphins and whales. So for three years I photograph whales for scientific missions around the world.

And then I discovered by reading the books of Penelope Smith that other than I "spoke" to cetaceans ;)! I then listened to the recording of Penelope and trained myself in animal communication with Laila Del Monte and Caroline Leroux.

Today I am passionate about animal communication so that, as a matter
of course, I came to your website Anastasia.

I spent the month of December 2012 on the Big Island. Messages from
dolphins and whales made me live again a great opening of
consciousness though very physically demanding. I then discussed with
Harry Jim Shaman of the island and he told me, laughing loudly, "it's not too painful to be a whale in a woman's body?" ah!

Here it is Anastasia, it is a pleasure to share with you a little of
these love-experiences as I know you know exactly what I mean by that...and I hope we meet.

My wishes for the future are to live near the whales and share this vibration of love with children in physical or psychological difficulties.

I attach a photo to my mail so that you can put a face to my words.

In love and light


It was a difficult task getting this elearning DVD to the market. We had many attack and many players even amongst the ranks of this DVD who teamed deceptively with us. Lessons learned but for every dvd sold, $$71 will go towardscauses who stand behind FIGHTING BULLYING and to help victims of abuse in all shapes and forms. I can no longer in good consciousness recommend Mary Getten, Anne Gordon or Penelope Smith as they are not the people they represented themselves to me to be. However, the whales and dolphins who participated on our elearning DVD - they are wise, magical and will help you open your hearts like you never knew was possible.

When we were making the elearning DVD, Granny, a very wise orca said to us, if you will call on the whales and dolphins on the DVD before you sit down to do any work on the DVD, we will telepathically imbue the DVD so that each human heart gets exactly what they need from our messages and the DVD.

It took many people to make Whale Communicators: The Dolphin Human Whale Connection Elearning DVD

We thank ALL for all the lessons. ♥(◠‿◠)♥

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I have gone back and forth the last few months about taking this DVD off the market completely and just to raising the price. If I were to share with you the full story of the horrible behavior of 6 woman who were either on the DVD or connected to us as we promoted their communications on Whale Communicators that first few years in exchange for a lot of free advertising, you would be horrified at the The Mean Girl tactics by woman in their 50s and 60s who work in this environment and try to tell people they teach the wisdom and love of the whales to people.

The DVD is a beautiful representation of the love, the shared wisdom and the lives of the cetaceans.

The whales and dolphins are very well represented in this elearning DVD. Their messages are very clear. The beginning animal communicator class Mary Getten teaches is solid as well. What has changed?

I lost my home in the 3rd year of production and Mary turned out to be a person without integrity or character. I recently discovered that Mary and her Fairy Congress friends were involved in the these FB attacks since the first year we began on Whale Communicators.

I have finally found a spot to complete the healing I have to do on my own healing journey.

This is not some little disagreement, this was an all out attack using black magic and black sorcery on so many unseen leveles which culminated in my near-death in early 2013 and did kill my 7 year old cat Lola 3 months into this in 2013.

I will leave this DVD on the market as it is a testament to the whales and dolphins and the amazing things that can happen when you have such a pure and honest connection with them. This UNITY COMMUNITY effort I attempted to organize for the whales and dolphins did not turn out for myself or for the cetaceans as we would have liked for it to. But many of these dark maruaders I worked with or their associates are still vying for your dollars and especially for your souls.

I do not talk about this now to harm others. I do this because I have been asked for 3 years now to speak out loudly the TRUTH. I am a truth teller and for the last 2-5 years I have been ringing the praises of some pretty damaged people. They appear one way on the surface but underneath, you have a whole nother animal. God and the whales have been helping me to build my confidence to shine the light on all this darkness. I have been told repeatedly this is what all humans must do. We have to out this darkness from the dark recesses of our Planet now. I had a lot of childhood abuse that has kept me frozen to stand up and take my power back. But this is one of these dark maruaders biggest secret weapons in our world - childhood abuse. Because you put a child in fear this way in early years, you can control them much longer than letting them lead a happy normal lifetime. These dark ones brag about the blood of children being sexually abused being the best elixir and energy feed EVER. How f'd up is this?

Please use your heart in this cetacean community in your work & participation as you go forward, we have a lot of aggressive sharks in cetacean-loving-saving costumes out here.



I feel I must say this as truthteller. I work for God, I am child of God. I love God and I will die for God as I continue this spiritual turnover on our Planet now ridding our Universe of the dark forces who have manipulated the human race for ions of time now. I work with Mother Earth many hours a dayand my goal is to assist the Spirit World, headed by God, a beautiful benevolent Source/Creator of all that is in our Universe. I do not and have not ever entertained a little minion demi-God named Satan.

If you have practiced black magic or black sorcery to the level of doing blood rituals and drinking of that blood or sacrifices of humans; in particular children or babies that being sexually abused as they are killed. YOU WILL NOT ASCEND IN THIS LIFETIME and chances are if this is a repeated thing for you in more than one lifetime, you won't exist after this last breath on Earth that you take.

The Web of Life and humanity moving forward.I remember well a few years back when I was in production with the DVD, the whales said, "This new energy is coming to your planet and it makes no difference what you do. The old is dying out and new Earth is coming back as God originally designed it.' I am loosely paraphrasing this - this is not a verbatim communication. It appears to be missing with the constant hacking.I

I never have knowingly and I NEVER WILL will associate with the dark or those who provide a home where their soul scan be usde todo the dirty work for the dark. And I say this with all my heart. GET RID OF THE FOLKS IN YOUR LIFE WHO ARE DARK AND NOT MAKING ANY EFFORT TO GET ON BOARD. You have a good chance of going down with them in the end - because that is still a win for these sick peeps in the last minutes of existance in our Universe.

~Anastasia, March 2014


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You may share and copy our messages with others; infact, we encourage you to do this. . We only ask that you insure that the communicator who channeled this message gets credit for their work and if you share their website or contact information as well as Whale Communicators' website and contact information for providing you with this information; this would be a Unity Community energy exchange come full circle & we love this. Thank You.